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Let me unfold my story

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Cat Creative New Branding 2017, WEBSITE
Cat Creative New Branding 2017, WEBSITE
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Hey there,


I am so happy you pop in there to discover few things about me and how we could create amazing stationery for your events.


I am Cat (diminutive for Catherine), not for cats! I am more a tiger lover than cats (despite my name!) so you won’t see any cheesy cats around here, may be more some stylish animals patterns or why not illustration of your favourite pets.

I am passionate about interactive, fun, magical, simple papers such as origami, pop-up cards and book, DIY and any greeting cards which surprise or touch me.


I truly believe stationery are emotional items and are beautiful memories of an event to treasure forever (please don’t’ tell me I am the only who has a big box of cards’ collection received from birthdays, wedding and baby announcement cards!). I keep only cards I founds the best! Why? Because they touch me, personally and emotionally. Not only by their aesthetic, but by their originality, because they associated a surprise, an experience, an interaction with the joy of the event; because they are playful, unique and so more memorable.


From this passion (or obsession!), my love and study of interior design and my 10 years of graphic design experience; I now produce innovative and un-conventional origami invitations (plus other formats and stationery), which are quirky, colourful and unique.

One of my favourite things is to integrate tiny details of your love story or life. Making your stationery personal, like you, reflecting your passions, love of series/movies/sports/travel, illustrating your special theme or any details that are important to you and will make a difference.

It is for all these that I became an origami specialist wedding stationery designer.


How did it started?

By cliché…with my own wedding! I was a busy graphic designer planning my wedding, by lack of time I searched on the web different invites we could use, and as a result I have been shock to find: blind, flat impersonalised wedding invitations.  Everywhere, the same type of design, certainly on trends at the moment, a succession of cards and inserts that I found redundant, nothing like us, nothing that could reflect the hint of our theme or our personalities; all were so boring…

So at once, I decided to design our own invites, something more interactive, with the idea to have all the information within one paper, something that break the rules, surprise and tells about our theme and love story.


What other day would you have the opportunity to share with your love ones, your love story and the whys you are meant to be together?!


More about me?

On the process we will work together, you may discover my other favourite things; I love tea (my favourte is dry tea leaves and no milk and no sugar!). But tea doesn’t go without a bit of sweetness, I LOVE chocolate (it’s my second partner in life!) I need some after lunch and after dinner…yes that much!! If we can meet, I would be more than happy to do so in a coffee shop around a tea and slice of cake! (Chocolate of course!)


Not enough about me? You would certainly realise quickly over a chat that I have a strong French accent! Yes, I am French, I moved to Eastbourne, East Sussex 13 years ago! I joined my boyfriend (now my husband) and found in love with the place! The peaceful of the seafront, the Victorian’s buildings, the English people and their polite layback style, but not so much their English food, however I stayed! We are now married for 8 years, 20 years together, we have two kids, Celeste almost 6 and Ulysse 2.

Apart juggling between being a busy mum and a creative business, I enjoy walking along the coast line or in the woods, running, doing fitness, reading motivational book or science fiction stories, I love to watch Disney’s and Pixar’s movies (which have nursed my childhood), I love eating out and discover new food and to spend quality simple moments with my friends and family.

I always been fascinated by any paper arts, my favourite being pop-up books, they are so magical; mind blowing, cleverness and wonderfulness stories. My dream would be to create one, one day; may be illustrating your story?!

Follow my story and tell me yours!

My favourite suppliers friends


What people say

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Amy and Karl

Friday 24th May 2019

“Cat has gone above and beyond for us and our special day. She interpreted our design brief perfectly. From the invites right through to the design of the day itself, she created a beautiful palette for everything we needed. She tied the entire wedding together for us. We can’t recommend her highly enough. A thoroughly lovely, and incredibly talented, designer!”

- Amy & Karl Friday 24th May 2019



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