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Ceremony decor stationery Checklist

Wedding stationery is an essentiel part of your wedding decor, and it isn't just about she invitations.

After your guests received your beautiful invitation, they discoverd the tone and style of your wedding (festival chic, barn, rustic, beach...)

It would be perfect to have gorgeous stationery to remind your guests about you wedding style and emphazise your decor with all matching stationery.

Today, I thought it would be useful to put together a list all the different wedding stationery fot the day that you may need, dependig on the type of wedding you're planning.


There is so much to think about when it comes to planning your wedding. So, here’s a ceremony décor checklist presenting you all the options available for your wedding day.

Each couples are different, so pick only the stationery you find relevant to your style and type of wedding you want.

-Welcome Sign, Some venues do provide a welcome sign, but a lot of venues don’t. You may even want to design these and have them matching the style of your invitation and fitting in with the theme for your wedding day. Regarding size, a minimum of A3-A2 would be recommanded

-Order of service is a booklet used for the wedding service and may contains the name of the bridal party name of officiant the texts, songs and musics, poemes, quotes, in memory of and a thank you at the end for civil ceremonies too. An A5 size card or booklet is generally the most adapted and can contains as many pages as you need.

-Program / Order of the Day Sign, this informs your guests of how the day will be set from the ceremony to the end of the day (guests like to know what time they will eat !). It can be presented on a welcome board, a fan, or distributed some sheet. It can include all the time of the different entertainments.

-Vows, Print your vows onto paper so you can both read these without having to swap pieces of paper or even remembering these. If a religious ceremony then you will be told what to say, however with a civil ceremony you may want bespoke vows. And you could frame then later as a lovey souvenir of the day!

-Reserved Seating Signs, Create some reserved seating signs to place near the front of the ceremony seating to ensure your guests do not accidently take these seats! If you haven’t got a wedding coordinator in place then someone will need to be in charge of this small task. It’s important to ensure there is enough seating for your wedding party upon entrance to your ceremony room.

-Table plan, or setting plan is generally on display from the welcome drinks at the entrance of the reception and show your guests where they well be seated. This is perfect to let's go your creativity and mabe it original by a nice design, setting the theme of your wedding ! My Table plan are created and mounted on a 10mm foam core board which is light but sturdy and allow you easily to put it on a easel or on a table. Different size are availalble form A3 to A1. Board can be presented vertical or horizontal depending on the set up of your tables and design.

-Place cards they are displayed at the seat of each guests and confirm them where to sit. These can form part of favour left for each guest (favour tag). My place cards can combined also a personalised menu on the reverse of each place cards (very useful for your guests to remind them their meal choices)!

-Table name placed on the center of each table, they can be differented by a number or by a name, or why not get more original and name each table linked to your theme (named after the places, your holiday visited, to your favourites actors, flowers, years you have been together, specialities based on your theme...), size A6 or A5 are generally the best.

-Menu, it informs the guests of the meal ahead. It can contains the food options or the set menu and choices for the different dietery requierements.

Menu can be presented in lots of variety: on a big and unique board at the entrance, few left on each tables, individual and personnalised to each guests with their meal choices and name (display as the places cards, or as a ring napking or a coaster or any other ideas !)

-Stickers, Stickers are perfect to put on the reverse of your invitations or thank you cards' envelopes​. But they are aslo perfect too to stick on your favors. We could design your name, wedding date and/or a quote or thanks you note. It would be ideal as a souvenir of the day

-Sign Board, are ideal to give directions to your guests and indicate them the main area and entertainments of your day : photobooth, guests book, bar area, toilets.....Ideal for a big outside venue.

-Banners, Imagine some bespoke banners personalised with your name hanging behind the Top Table! Or why not having some "Mr and Mrs", or "Love" or "Just Married" banners for decorating your venue, all matching your colours and wedding's theme. Small "Thank you" banner to hold between you are ideal to create a fun Thank you card. When order, you will need to tell me how many letters or how many "triangles" you need.

-Golden Guests Puzzle, Instead of having a "boring" guests book, why not having my "Golden Guests Puzzle". The final image can be a picture of you two, or a message or a picture of your favourite place. This image is divided by as many cards as you need (49, 64, 81, 100 or 121). Each of your guest take a card and write a note and then try to find the place of the card on the puzzle. It is a fun way to collect lovely messages from your guests and it makes the perfect memory.

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