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How to create your wedding guest list

Hey lady, congrats on your engagement ! (it is always nice to hear it even after few months of getting engaged!)

One of the most important things to do after you get engaged is to start creating your guest list. But what happens when you can't decide which friends and family to invite? My flowchart will help you to determine who should be invited to your wedding.


  • Add everyone - Anyone that you can think you want to invite, add them to the list and start weeding people out later.

  • Kids - Discuss early on whether or not you’ll be inviting kids & don’t bend the rules because someone “can’t find a babysitter.” They have months to plan for this, no excuses. Plus, some venues might not be suitable for children.

  • Extended family - Decide on where you want to cut the cord. Immediate family is a no brainer but your 3rd cousin and her 3 kids don’t need to come, especially if you rarely see one another.

  • Co-workers - Do you see them outside of work and enjoy spending time with them? If yes, I invited them. If not, I didn’t.

  • Plus-One’s - If you have met them a few times you can consider has invited, or check if it is a serious relationship.

  • Parents - Check with the parents (on both side!), although they may be helping to cover the costs, it is YOUR wedding, so ask if they want to invite their own friends.

  • Old friends - If you haven’t spoken in 2 years or more, don’t invite them.

  • Limit the guests - Include names on the RSVP cards so they can’t add additional people that you never intended to invite/want to spend your hard earned money on.

FREEBIES for you: An awsome flowchart and a lovely spreadsheet guest list template to help creating your guest list and keeping track.

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