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"The Power of Gratitude: Why sending Thank You Cards Are a Must-Have Post-Wedding

Wedding thank you card, thank you card, laser cut card, fingerprint laser cut card
Fingerprint laser cut Thank you card, Sharrene & Richard

Hey there, lovely married Couples!

You've tied the knot in a ceremony as unique as your love story, surrounded by friends and family who truly understand what makes you both tick. The wedding day was a whirlwind of laughter, passion, and unforgettable moments. 🥂 But now that the vows have been exchanged and the cake has been devoured, there's one more thing you shouldn't overlook – the "Thank You" cards! 💌

You might be wondering, "Do we really need to send thank you cards?" In this blog post, I am going to walk you through the incredible advantages of this heartfelt tradition, even if we haven't had the pleasure of collaborating on your wedding stationery before. You will find why, what and when sending them out! So, let's dive in!

1. Personal Touch: Express Your Unique Personality

Just like your wedding invitations, thank you cards are a canvas for your personalities! Take this opportunity to share a heartfelt message or a fun anecdote from your special day that will make your guests smile. 🥰 Whether you're into quirky humour, heartfelt poetry, or something entirely unique, your thank you cards can reflect your one-of-a-kind love story.

2. Gratitude Matters: Show Your Appreciation

Your wedding was a celebration of your love, and your guests showed up to share in your joy. Sending thank you cards is the perfect way to express your genuine appreciation for their presence and any gifts they gave. 🎁 It's a heartfelt gesture that reminds your loved ones just how much they mean to you.

3. Keep the Memories Alive: Relive the Magic

As you sit down to write and customise each thank you card, you'll find yourself reliving the magic of your wedding day. It's a heartwarming journey that allows you to cherish those precious moments and create lasting memories. 💞

4. Thoughtful Keepsakes: Give Guests a Token of Your Love

Your thank you cards can be more than just pieces of paper; they can become cherished keepsakes for your guests. These tokens of your love and appreciation will be something your guests can look back on and smile at for years to come. 🌟

5. Show Your Style: Let Your Creativity Shine As a stationery designer, I understand the power of creative expression. Why not use this opportunity to showcase your personality and creativity once again? Your thank you cards can be as quirky, unique, and personal as you are! 🎨

Whether we've worked together in the past or you're discovering my designs for the first time, consider making thank you cards an essential part of your post-wedding journey. Let's keep the celebration going and make your guests feel extra special! Ready to create your one-of-a-kind thank you cards? Don't hesitate to reach out, and together, we'll design something truly memorable to capture the essence of your special day. 🌈💍

"Remember, gratitude is a beautiful way to keep the love and joy from your wedding day alive. So, embrace this tradition and spread a little more love into the world—one thank you card at a time."

Couple just married, what's after a wedding
Sarah & Jake

Here are some sample thank you messages to express your gratitude to your guests for their kind wishes and gestures: 💌

1. General Thank You Message:

Dear [Guest's Name], We are overjoyed by your presence at our wedding and the thoughtful wishes and gestures you shared with us. Your love and support mean the world to us. Thank you for making our day even more special. With heartfelt appreciation,

[Your Names]

2. Thank You for Attending:

Dear [Guest's Name], We're so grateful that you joined us on our wedding day. Your presence made the celebration even more meaningful. We truly appreciate your warm wishes and gestures. Warm regards,

[Your Names]

3. Thank You for the Lovely Gift:

Dear [Guest's Name], Your presence at our wedding was a gift in itself, and the beautiful [describe the gift] you gave us was an extra touch of kindness. We are incredibly thankful for your thoughtful gesture. Sincerely,

[Your Names]

4. Thank You for Your Heartfelt Wishes:

Dear [Guest's Name], Your heartfelt wishes filled our hearts with joy. Your words and blessings mean so much to us. We feel truly blessed to have you in our lives. Warmest thanks,

[Your Names]

5. Thank You for Your Support:

Dear [Guest's Name], Your unwavering support and kind gestures on our wedding day touched our hearts deeply. Your presence made the day even more special. We can't thank you enough. With warm regards,

[Your Names]

6. Thank You for Sharing Our Joy:

Dear [Guest's Name], Your presence added immense joy to our wedding day, and your kind wishes and gestures warmed our hearts. We're so grateful to have you in our lives. With sincere thanks,

[Your Names]

7. Thank You for Making Our Day Special:

Dear [Guest's Name], Your presence and the thoughtful gestures you shared with us made our wedding day truly special. We can't thank you enough for being a part of this unforgettable day. With love and gratitude,

[Your Names]

Remember to personalise these messages with your names and specific details to make them more meaningful and heartfelt for your guests.

You could also add for more personalisation, order some bespoke stamp with your wedding picture on it. 💞

Wedding Thank You card,  Gratitude card, Thank you card
Thank you card, Jordan & Scott

Think about alternative formats to send your Thank You cards

It doesn't have to be a greeting card format! Why not doing a postcard, consider laser cut to play with shapes to unveil your gorgeous picture.

Want to use an origami shape? wonderful! I am totally in! This would be an amazing way to thanks your guests and send them a kind of a present that they will unfold to discover your kind words and fab picture. It will make your Thank You card such a memorable experience to finish your wedding journey! 🎁

Other non-traditional way to thanks your guests can

  1. Video Message: Create a heartfelt video message or a short film to express your gratitude. Share it on social media, or send personalised links to your guests. This adds a personal touch and allows you to convey your emotions more vividly.

  2. Email or E-Card: Send personalised thank you emails or e-cards with a heartfelt message and perhaps some memorable photos from the wedding day. This is an eco-friendly and efficient way to convey your thanks. E-cards can also look beautiful, I can produce them for you using the designs we have created for your wedding stationery suite, or I can create a new bespoke design for you!

  3. Social Media Shoutout: Post a thank you message on your social media profiles and tag or mention your guests. You can share photos from the wedding and express your gratitude in the caption. Same I can design a appealing post for your guests matching your stationery.

  4. Personalised Phone Calls: Make phone calls to your guests, especially those who played significant roles in your wedding. A personal call can be a very touching way to say thank you.

  5. Wedding Website Blog: If you have a wedding website, create a blog post expressing your gratitude. Share your favourite moments, photos, and thank your guests for their contributions to your special day.

  6. Postcards: Send personalised postcards with a photo from your wedding on the front and a thank you message on the back. This allows you to express your appreciation and share a piece of your special day.

  7. Online Photo Album: Create an online photo album and share the link with your guests. Include a heartfelt message alongside the photos to thank them for being part of your day.

  8. Wedding Video: Include a thank you segment in your wedding video, where you express your gratitude to all your guests. Share the video with them to show your appreciation.

Remember to tailor your approach to what you think will resonate most with your guests and reflect your personalities as a couple. The key is to make your thank you gesture sincere and thoughtful.

The timing for sending out thank you cards after a wedding is important

To ensure your guests feel appreciated here are some guidelines:

  1. As Soon as Possible: Ideally, you should aim to send out your thank you cards as soon as possible after your wedding, but within three months is generally considered the maximum acceptable timeframe. This allows you to express your gratitude while the memories are still fresh.

  2. Priority for Gifts: Focus on sending thank you cards for gifts first. Guests who gave you gifts, whether they attended the wedding or not, should be prioritised. This demonstrates prompt appreciation for their generosity.

  3. Attendees Who Didn't Give Gifts: After you've thanked those who gave gifts, move on to guests who attended the wedding but may not have brought a gift. Express your gratitude for their presence and well wishes.

  4. Wedding suppliers and Helpers: Don't forget to express your appreciation to your wedding suppliers, wedding party, and anyone who played a significant role in making your wedding day special. They also deserve thank you cards, your suppliers (like me) will feel eternally grateful. It is not a card, a review on their Google page would be amazing.

  5. Batches and Consistency: If you have a large number of thank you cards to send, it's okay to send them out in batches to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Just ensure you maintain consistency in your messaging and timing.

  6. Stationery designer help: If you had your stationery designed by a professional like me, we can make this task easy for. Creating matching Thank you cards to continue the beautiful illustrations we produce before will adds a touch of coherence and nostalgia. You thank you card can integrate a general thank you note and/or have more spaces for a personal message. I can arrange as well to send them out for you (by providing of course the details of your guests). So you can relax and just relive your wedding day!

Remember, the key is to express your genuine gratitude and appreciation for the love and support you received on your special day. Sending out thank you cards is not only courteous but also a thoughtful way to let your guests know how much their presence and contributions meant to you.

Thank you for reading from the bottom of my heart, and I can't wait to create and personalised your Thank You to your guests.

Let's wrap together the story of your love! Send me an email to chat how I can produce your thoughtful Thank You cards full of personal details to keep your wedding day alive for the years to come for your guests.


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